ROCI Calculator

Measure the performance of all your content marketing effort in one place. This free tool will help you monitor and calculate returns of your investment for content in a scientific and practical manner. It’s everything you need to be a smarter data-driven content marketer.

Tie every content marketing interaction to close revenue.

Track the complete customer lifecycle, from anonymous visitor to loyal customer. Break down your content marketing efforts to discover key trends in your data over time. Create behavioral events to track actions taken on your social media pages so you can understand audience behavior. Close the loop on your content marketing efforts with multi-touch revenue attribution so you can get credit for your campaigns’ impact and double down on the content that works best.

Analyze your social media content performance with key metrics

Measure both the quantity and quality of traffic you’re getting on your pages as a whole, or on a post-by-post basis. Analyze how each post is performing and identify which posts generate the most leads. When you know which posts are driving the most value, you can focus your content marketing campaigns on the ones that matter. Any data-obsessed marketer would appreciate tools that help prove effectiveness through numbers

Get a summarized report for your marketing channels

With the ROCI, analytics are built into every step of the content marketing process. See summarized reports for every content and track your most critical metrics all in one place. You can also easily share those insights with the rest of your team. Get all the data you need to make smarter, data-driven decisions that help you grow.


At DashoContent, the content is ON-DEMAND with options for ENTRY LEVEL SUBSCRIPTION to get lesser # of posts per month than agencies or in-house, and with NO LOCK-IN for your subscription (SAAS model). This allows you to operationalize your content creation at higher ROCI (return on content investment).

Grow your business. Centralize content creation in one platform.

With a subscription to consistent social media content at DashoContent, you get the value of your investment through received IDEAS + PROPOSALS + PRODUCTION — that’s both copywriting & media creation.